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StepWin Targets the BC Step Code

A customizable solution for BC municipalities to streamline their Step Code implementation and adoption. Builders get access to the software through their municipality and use it at the early stage of their design to meet the municipal Step Code target.

Intuitive Interface

  • Simple interface with focus only on key drivers of energy consumption.
  • Designed for decision-making from the very early stage of house design.
  • Guides the decisions with help bubbles and suggestions.
  • Available for every climate of British Columbia.
  • Accessible on any platform with a modern browser.

Insightful Outputs

  • Smart selection of best-performing designs based on cost and energy performance.
  • Design export to different formats including HOT2000.
  • Cost analysis and breakdown.
  • Prioritization of passive elements for durability and constructability.
  • Details and references for each suggestion.

StepWin under the hood:

A million times quicker, literally

Cost, energy efficiency, durability, and environmental impact for millions of possible scenarios in a matter of seconds.


Turn-key embedding

Are you in Prefab? Manufacturing? Research? Like to assess the energy performance in your own way? Make your existing process Step Code ready with Rapid Building Energy Simulation (R-BEST).

Like to expand StepWin? build your own extension.

Maximum extendability

Seamlessly connect tools. Export InsightEngine designs to HOT2000. Integrate climate and city data in your design.

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